1) How long are the Vineyard Farm Tables, and how many guests do they seat?

Our farm tables are 96″ x 40″ long. Our Farm Tables can seat 8 -10 guests, depending on if you have 4 guests seated on each side, as well as a guest seated at the heads of the table.

2) What is the size of the Sweetheart Table?

Our Sweetheart Farm Table measures 54” x 40.”  Because it is very roomy, it could easily seat 4 -6 guests, if you were using all four (4) sides.

3) Do you have rental minimums?

Yes, our minimum rental order size is  $300 minimum order size (San Diego and Temecula areas), and $500 minimum order size (Orange County and Riverside County) applies, not including delivery fees.  (Travel Surcharges may apply.)

4) Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes. The delivery charge is based on the size of the order, the items selected, and the distance traveled (typically 15-20% of the cost of the rentals).  It includes delivery, initial placement of your items, and pick-up.  We never do a “drop and go” of items, like most other rental companies.  (There may be a travel surcharge for distance.)

5) I want to place an order! What kind of deposit do you need to hold my date?

A deposit of 50% of your rental order is due upon booking and will secure your date. The balance of the rental charge, any delivery charges, and a Damage Waiver Fee equal to 8 3/4% of your rental total is due two (2) weeks prior to pick-up or delivery.

6) What does the Damage Waiver Fee cover?

The Damage Waiver Fee protects you against breakage or accidental damage to our items that can occur with normal use.  It does not cover missing or lost items, or items damage from misuse.  Please save and return all broken or damaged items so that the waiver can be applied.   You’ll be charged full replacement cost for equipment you don’t return.

7) How do I care for the vintage silverware rentals?

When unpacking, please retain all packing materials for return. When repacking, please use care to ensure they are safe.

Also, please remember that vintage silverware is fragile and should not be placed in the dishwasher or heated, or have citrus based cleaners applied to them. Because the cost of cleaning our vintage silver-plate is included in the cost of your rental, we ask that before returning these items to Farm Formal, the silverware should be wiped/rinsed free from any food particles and hand-dried.  Please do not put silverware in a home dishwasher. In no instance should silver-plated flatware be allowed to soak or sit in water or cleaners.

Please remember that the vintage silver plate is over 40 years old. While no piece will be tarnished, many of the pieces show small signs of age. We call this charm and we hope you agree.

8) I need to add or subtract a few things! Can I change my order?

Of course! You may add or subtract items from your order up to a week before your event. However, please remember that the date has been specifically blocked just for you only. So if you need to cancel your order entirely, your initial deposit of 50% is not refundable unless we are able to rebook your date.

9)  I have a few questions that weren’t answer here.  How can I get in touch with you?

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please drop us an email, or give us a call at 760-724-4301, and we will  be happy to chat with you.

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