Farm Tables, Farm Benches, Chairs, Sweetheart Tables & Table Tops

Our Vineyard Farm Tables, Sweetheart Tables, and Benches, are all  HANDCRAFTED right here in San Diego County!  We also offer a Handcrafted Vineyard Farm Tabletop that can be supported by wine barrels, straw bales (or ????), and makes a fabulous table for your Buffet, Bar, Drink Station, Candy or Dessert Bar, or….???  What a fabulous presentation!!

We also offer matching Folding Wooden Chairs, as well as Sweetheart Chairs in your choice of colors!

Vineyard Farm Tables (approximately 8′ x 40″)  – $75 each

Farm Benches (approximately 84″ x 14″) – $35 each

Wooden Folding Chairs (available in wood tone or white) – $4 each

60″ Folding Round Tables (requires table cloth – not a Farm Table) – $15 each

120″ Round Table Cloth (cream color) – $16 each















Sweetheart Farm Tables (approximately 54″ x 40″) – $45 each

Sweetheart Chairs (available in Wood Tone, Distressed White or Farm Formal Green) – $10 each

Distressed Pedestal Table – Distressed White Pedestal with Wood Drop Side Top (36″ round) – $35 each

“Something Blue” Seating Vignette – includes 2 wingback chairs, and small distressed white table – $100 set











Vineyard Table Tops (approximately 8″ x 40″) – $65 each (sits nicely on 2 or 3 wine barrels)

Small Vineyard Table Top (approximately (54″ x 40″) – $35 each (sits nice on straw bales, but not on wine barrels)

Wine Barrels (34 1/2″ – 37″ high) – $35 each